Personal Finance

An individual can meet obligations that require financial assistance in compliance with the Shariah guidelines through Islamic personal financing. It is very transparent and the customer will be made aware of the exact amount to be paid on a monthly basis and for how long.Either a leasing arrangement can be drawn up or a monetisation structure can be selected in order to fulfill the financing procedures.
Two types of contracts are available to choose from

Types of Contracts


Ijarah refers to leasing a property and its usufruct for a specific period of time in return for an agreed consideration.

In Service Ijarah, two independent contracts are involved: one between the Islamic Bank and service provider, and another between the Islamic Bank and the customer (sublease-contract).


It refers to the purchase of a commodity for a deferred price through bargaining (Musawama) or markup-sale (Murabaha) and then selling it to a third party for an on-the-spot payment to receive cash.


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