About Us

Combining educational and practical information into one comprehensive platform, the NUQHTA portal is designed to cater to your Islamic Banking and Finance-related needs.

Contrary to being a rate-comparison site, NUQHTA shifts its focus to spreading Islamic Finance awareness as well as bridging the gap between your needs and what the industry has to offer.

Segregated country-wise, the portal hosts extensive lists of service providers that accommodate the myriad of Shariah-compliant products and services offered globally. The service providers are categorised accordingly, along with their respective contact details, in order to provide ease and efficiency.

NUQHTA also consists of detailed explanations of various Islamic products and services commonly used in the Islamic Banking and Finance industry, in addition to videos illustrating their mechanisms.

The field of Islamic Banking and Finance has shown immense growth and potential in the last few decades with an increase in its offerings and accessibility. In response to this statistic, we at NUQHTA are committed to spreading awareness and equipping the masses with the education that they need, to make the right decisions and benefit from such offerings.

Our dedicated team at NUQHTA is prepared to address any queries or concerns relating to Islamic saving and spending, and help you get one step closer to accomplishing your Islamic Financial needs.